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5 reasons to hire a makeup artist for your wedding day


I have trained and honed my skill for enhancing natural beauty over many

years. Doing makeup for a night out is completely different to doing it for a wedding day and I know all the tips and tricks to make it perfect. Knowing how to make someone look beautiful, natural AND stay looking perfect for hours on end takes years of experience of working with many faces of all ages, tones and types and ALSO hours of product testing and research. I've already put the time and effort into knowing how to make you and your bridal party look radiant in beautifully lasting makeup - so you don't have to!


With experience of nearly 1000 weddings I know how important time keeping can be on the wedding morning. Remember those nights getting ready with your girlfriends and trying to get out of the house on time to catch your Uber - it's like herding cats right?! I have a set time with each person and I stick to it! I know how to speed up or slow down to keep time with the hairdresser, I know exactly how long it will take me to apply false lashes, I know the best time to do your makeup so you don't feel ready too early or late. Having a professional on hand at a time slot with each allotted person means you don't have to check up or nag anyone about time or hurrying up as that will be my job to make sure everyone is ready on time.


One of the main reasons people decide to hire in a pro is because they literally don't want to have to stress about getting ready. We've all been there right? When you're having a bad hair day despite doing all the things you usually do or getting that winged eyeliner right - even when you've practiced it umpteen times and it's especially tricky when you have a nervous wobbly hand - or dare I say it ,have had perhaps a few too many Prosecco's! I get hired by OTHER makeup artists to do their makeup because they know they will be able to sit in the chair for an hour and just chill - close their eyes for a bit, have a little inward moment to reflect and breathe while I busy away. The transformative effect of a relaxing makeup session is incredible, I've had many a nervous bride sit in my chair and by the time i'm finished she is a serene, zen goddess!!..and READY both outwardly and inwardly to go get married.


You've worked really hard on styling the dresses, shoes and hair for all your bridesmaids .. makeup also makes a difference. We've all seen pictures of that bridesmaid that went rogue and matched her purple eyeshadow to her dress...! Years of experience and product testing means I know which products to use to get the best results for each different person. No two faces are the same - you may want all your bridesmaids to look the same, I know how to do this and it suit each face individually whilst ensuring that each person feels their best self without compromising the makeup look.


You've worked really hard on all your wedding prep, spent hours researching, spent hours working, building everything towards this day.. it's time to pamper yourself - after all this day is all about YOU! (Well and him... but in the morning prep it is really ABOUT YOU!) if there is something you can outsource to a professional then why not? I didn't have anyone to do my wedding makeup and hair because well yes, I knew I could do it myself but honestly I think it was because I told myself I wasn't worth the extra expense - this was the biggest mistake and regret of my wedding day and something I would change if I were to replay the whole thing. In fact when it came to my wedding anniversary party I DID treat myself because I knew how much I regretted not getting it the first time around. And it made such a difference to how I felt about myself, much more relaxed, prepared and confident.

If you are getting married and want to chat about ideas for your wedding makeup then get in touch!


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