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Planning a wedding is exciting but hard work! I’m sure you have lots to think about and consider without worrying about how things will work out on the morning logistically. Take a little moment to think about some key timings and everything will run smoothly! We may have already discussed and planned exact timings but it might be useful to have this as a reminder!


Timings     Planning, timing and delegation is the key to a relaxed wedding and a relaxed you on the morning! Think through every aspect of your day before you firm up timings including the little things like when you’re going to eat, travelling times and time to relax! To help with planning your hair & make-up timings, I always advise brides to plan to be thinking about getting into the dress at least one hour before leaving for the ceremony. Of course this can change depending on travel time to the venue or if you are actually getting ready at the venue you will be married at, it may be within the last 30 minutes before the ceremony.

If you are having a civil ceremony, chances are you will need to meet the registrar before the service to go through some final paperwork. This is usually 15 minutes before the ceremony time for the bride. Make sure you take this into consideration whilst planning your morning! I will arrive 5 -10 minutes before our agreed start time for makeup so that I can set up my ‘work station’ and be ready to start makeup for the first person.


Skin prep    You don't need to do too much prep on the day. We may have already discussed your skincare routine and I would advise sticking to your normal routine on the morning or using products that you know work well for your skin and that you won't have a reaction to. The wedding morning is not the day to start experimenting with a new face mask! Before your makeup is applied make sure your skin is clean and moisturised, I will do the rest!


Who goes first hair or makeup?    It really doesn’t matter too much to me and might depend on your hairstyle and hairdresser ie. a fringe or hair down. Hairdressers may ‘set’ the hair into rollers and afterwards your makeup can be finished before your hair is styled into place. However sometimes makeup happens first or is done when hair is totally finished. I can work around your hairdresser and you on the morning. It’s good to allow an hour for your makeup and then 45 minutes per person for bridesmaids/mums etc - this can fluctuate slightly on the day a few minutes more or less (more especially if everyone is having lashes applied) but that’s a good time to work with.


Getting ready    It might help to lay things out in the order that you are you going to put them on, this includes accessories and underwear so you have everything you need in one room. You will put your dress on after your makeup has been applied so you can stay relaxed in your dressing gown until the last minute. On the subject of clothes, have you thought about what you'll be wearing in the morning? You might be in your favourite cosy PJ's or a special kimono but whatever it is, make sure it's easily removable ie. won't ruin your hair or makeup if you are wrestling to get it off! Also consider that you want to avoid anything tight that will leave a mark on your skin such as bra strap or sock marks! 

 One last essential tip....if possible pick the biggest room with the most natural light to get makeup done and get dressed in. This will not only help me work my magic but also ensure the photographer (if you have one for the morning) can capture the best pictures of everyone getting ready. I have a professional makeup light for darker mornings, please let me know if you are getting ready in space with limited natural light and you would like me to bring this along.

Touch ups    Do you know your skin is incredibly oily no matter what products are used? It may be handy to have a pressed powder or blotting paper in your handbag for reducing shine that appears later in the day.

Do you have a lipstick/gloss for touch ups? Lips will be the one thing you may need to touch up a little (usually after you've had something to eat). Let me know if you would like me to order any touch up products for you and I can bring them on the day.

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