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hygiene & sanitation practices

As a professional makeup artist working with the public, keeping your kit and tools clean and sanitised has always been of utmost importance to help reduce the spread of bacteria and infection.

Now in light of Coronavirus, in order ro reduce the risk of spreading the virus, hygiene and sanitation working pratices are going to have to be at the forefront of our minds.

I have been reading and watching various articles and videos. The guidelines are changing all the time. I have taken the Barbicide Covid-19 course to demonstrate I understand how the virus spreads and ways I can minimise this in my working routine.

There will be many changes to how I use my kit, including more (recyclable) disposables where possible. Where this is not possible ie. my brushes, I will be using separate brush sets on separate clients and when the brushes have been used they will be sealed away for me to disinfect and clean once I'm off set.

I will reduce the non-porous elements in my kit such as towels and cloth bags and use wipeable boxes/plastic where possible instead.

My kit size will be reduced so there is less to sanitise and clean which will reduce the amount of time spent in between clients cleaning.

The use of gloves is generally discouraged. Vigorous and regular hand washing and hand sanitising is preferred.

I will be wearing a hospital grade N-95 mask and a visor/face shield to protect my clients.

I will also be asking clients to bring their own mascaras where possible.

This is an ever changing situation and although these are a few of the ways I will be changing my work practices this is not the entire list. I'm sure as more information comes through I will be constantly adding and reviewing what's best to do for the safety of my clients and myself.

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