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Monroe skincare

I recently received the latest press samples from Monroe Skincare and it is beautiful.

Monroe's tagline is:


A beautifully curated range of 6 products - 4 skincare, 1 hair, 1 fragrance.

In sleek monochromatic glass packaging this is the ultimate capsule collection for your bathroom shelf, designed for him/her/everyone.

I absolutely love the idea of interchangeable products - I could never really get my head around why mens and womens products should be so different - I think it ultimately comes down to packaging and fragrance most of the time.

The range consists of:

Cleanse & Shave Solution

Eau De Parfum

Exfoliator & Pore Minimiser

Glycolic Serum 7%

Matte Styling Clay

Moisturiser SPF20

I am yet to try all products and I will update this as I work my way through them, for the last few days I have been wearing the Eau De Parfum as I am a sucker for fragrance.

Those of you old enough to remember CK1 will be familiar with the concept of a unisex fragrance. I have to say this falls on more masculine notes, but I'm down with that as I tend to go for more heavy musty tones anyway and sometimes I do wear mens aftershave. I went through a Ralph Lauren Safari moment in my late teens....

The idea of a completely inclusive, diverse and shareable simple skincare and beauty line is a long time coming and much needed.

Also a huge plus - imagine never having to take 2 washbags again - you can share products and pack them into 1 bag! Genius.

You can also get involved with the Monroe journey via the 52 MONROE MUSES campaign..

From the website "We're seeking fifty two humans from around the world with a compelling, uplifting or important story to tell."

Register your interest with them via their website to be considered.



FOR PEOPLE – you, me, she, he, they, us.

FOR SKIN – every type, every colour, every age.

*Press samples*

Items that have been sent to me free of charge, with no obligation to promote them.

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