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huntsham court wedding on love my dress

It's always lovely to see a wedding you were part of, featured on a blog. This one was extra special because I was a guest at this wedding. Tanya has been a good friend for many years and I was so excited when she announced her engagement to Jake because I knew it would be extra special. These two have bags of style and are so much fun - so it was always going to be pretty good!

Tanyas' wedding makeup in the bridal suite at Huntsham Court - FYI I had strolled down the corridor basically in my PJs as we were also guests staying at the house. It was a luxury to not get ready for work that day!

Tanya wanted to keep her makeup simple but with a little bit of rock chick impact. Her words were 'I want a smoky eye but not dark, more like an Ice Queen!'.

We decided to use silver tones on her eye with lots of definition at the lash line to accentuate her almond shaped eyes. We kept her skin natural and glowing with a pop of pink to the cheek to lift her naturally fair complexion and used a clear rosy tinted lipgloss to finish off the look.

Tanya is a master at keeping her curls beautiful and knowing the best way to style them, so with the help of the maid of honour (her sister) she did her own hair.

I was working on the lookbook for uber couture wedding kween Mishi May and we started shooting a high neck long sleeve lace dress. As the model came out wearing it I immediately knew who I could see in that dress! I took a picture on my phone for reference and sent Tanya a quick message saying "I've just found your wedding dress!"

Cut a long story short, one trip to Bristol to visit Molly from Mishi May... and Tanya got the dress! I went with her and was so excited to see her in it for the first time. I shed a tear when she put it on - she looked truly incredible! This was the first bespoke version of this dress made by Mishi May as the other one was a prototype for shooting. Tanya said many years ago she drew a picture of the dress she dreamed would one day be her wedding dress and it was pretty much the dress Mishi May had designed - how perfect is that?!

The hen do.. well I won't go into too much detail but it's safe to say it was colourful and sparkly with lots of outfit changes, sequins, delicious food and cocktails! All of Tanyas favourite things! We went to the rollerdisco in Margarte but to be honest after a few strawberry Margaritas it was a bit dangerous to rollerskate, so we just sat round and chatted and watched other people fall over!

The wedding was at Huntsham court and it was over 3 days. It was the best time, really fun, relaxing and full of love. Tanya is a business owner and a creative and she is one organised and stylish lady - the wedding was planned to absolute perfection with Tanyas precision and eye for details. I'll let the Love My Dress blog tell you rest in Tanya's own words - it's a really great article full of actionable tips on organising a wedding and great images from Siobhan Beales.

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