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The easiest and cheapest way to get GREAT SKIN!

People often ask me the secret to great skin. As I suffer from Rosacea, I too am always on hunt for the miracle product! There are many out there to choose from, more on that in another post, but...

I think I may have found the answer, for me anyway……WATER! It may be the simplest, easiest and cheapest way to improve your skin.

I decided to experiment with my intake of water after reading an article about a lady who upped her water intake to 3 litres of water a day and had excellent results in both her skin and her energy levels.

If it was worth doing then I was going to take it seriously and downloaded an app to help me keep track of my intake. It took a bit of getting used to but actually is surprisingly easy and the more water I drank the more I wanted to drink.

I use pints as my measure because we've got quite a few glass that found their way home from the pub! Some days I don’t make drink many pints but I always have at least one. Here's my fail safe way to at least get one pint of water...

Image: Neals Yard

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I take a full pint to bed and in the morning drink it as the first thing I do after switching off my alarm and leaving the bed. That’s one done right there!

The next is usually supped over mid morning, another with or around lunch, one mid afternoon and one when I get home in the evening. It’s really simple! Herbal teas and fresh juices can also count towards your daily intake.

By drinking water first thing in the morning you are hydrating your body and cells, which has numerous health benefits and also helps your mind and body wake up far quicker than without that morning boost of water.

So the benefits I’ve experienced from drinking more water are:

  • I wake up easier and quicker. I’m definitely a bit more sparky than I usually would be. I am really not a morning person but I’ve noticed that before it would take me a good few hours and a cup of strong coffee before i'm worth talking too!

  • My eyes look less tired and are brighter.

  • My energy is much better – I rarely have the mid afternoon slump now.

  • I am am sleeping better, falling asleep easier and sleeping more deeply.

  • My skin is clearer, smoother, brighter, more hydrated, lines have softened and my rosacea is better than before.

Obviously we are all different and you many not experience any of these benefits but there may be other subtle changes that you notice and let's face it - it's never going to be a bad thing to up your water intake!

A nutritionalist friend of mine tells me that not only are most of the population deeply dehydrated but that it can take upto 3 months to fully restore your body to a state of hydration. So if you don’t feel the effects within a month – don’t lose heart keep chugging that water down, it's accumulative and it’s sooo good for you!

I’d love to know if anyone else out there has tried drinking more water and the effects they have felt as a result!

Feel free to tag me or share any tips you have for better skin!

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