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wishlist series: Bronzer

I often get asked to recommend products that I use and love as it can be quite overwhelming when faced with so much choice, as I get to try lots of different products through my job - my clients trust me!

I have started a series to help you navigate your way through the 1000s of products out there and simplified it to 3 budget options: A Bit Spenny, In The Middle and Budget Babes.

Hopefully this no-nonsense guide will help when you want to refresh items your makeup bag.

If there is anything you would like to see included in the Wishlist series, just get it touch!


Bronzer seems to be in the camp of, some people always wear it/some people never wear it!

Without it, your makeup can look a little flat. With it, you can add subtle contouring, dimension and warmth.

Long gone are the days of 'tango-ed' orange powder. Now available in a range of textures, cream, gel, stick, powder, liquid.. bronzer has grown up!

To give yourself that "i've just had two weeks in Ibiza" glow, add bronzer to all the places you would tan naturally - the high points of your face: forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin. You can also think of this as a '3' shape catching all high areas as you go and then a swipe down the nose.

Don't forget to take a bit of what's left on your brush down your neck, catch your collarbones and decollete for a seamless finish.

I prefer to use bronzer for a subtle contour to the face rather than a traditional "contour" product as I find this finish much softer and more natural than the frankly scary Kimmy K tiger stripe contour. Using bronzer to shape the face is just more wearable.

I also like to take a tiny bit of bronzer through my eye socket for an extra tonal contour - it's that kind of no makeup makeup look!

Bronzer can really perk up the skin if used alongside blush. Some people tend to wear one or the other but try layering them and see what dimension and life you can add to the skin!


If you're opting for a matte finish, powders can be the best way to achieve this as the texture will add to the mattifying effect. You can find a totally matte bronzer without any shimmer or sheen for a real wash of colour.

Powders that are 'baked' usually have a very radiant glowing finish and due to their very fine texture can be incredibly sheer and shimmery. No need for an extra highlight with this one!

Some powders come with an added glitz or glitter which give an extra bit of impact but can work best in the evening or on the body.


Liquids are great if you want a very natural finish but a good colour payoff. These can be applied with fingers, a brush or a sponge. They can also be layered so if you want just the slightest hint of colour - a quick dot of liquid blended with a finger is all you'll need to do.

But if you're looking for more impact then you can literally layer over again once the first layer has dried. Liquids are also very long lasting as they literally set on to the skin. These can also be matte or shimmering.


Cream formulas are again incredibly versatile, thicker and sometimes more solid than a liquid - these can be really nice if you want something super easy to blend. Some cream formulas come in a stick so you can literally draw on and blend out with fingers.

These are a great product for touch ups on the go or when travelling because you don't need brushes.

Do you have a product that you would like to me to focus on for the wishlist series?

**I was not paid to recommend these products they are just things I use regularly and wanted to share**

To purchase these products, click the links below. These are affiliate links which means that I will earn a small commission but it will not cost you anything extra.

I have scoured the internet to link you to sites that are the best price (at the time of posting)

Do get in touch and tag me in any posts, if you try these products and love them!

Elle x

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