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wishlist series: CONCEALER

I often get asked to recommend products that I use and love as it can be quite overwhelming when faced with so much choice, as I get to try lots of different products through my job - my clients trust me!

I have started a series to help you navigate your way through the 1000s of products out there and simplified it to 3 budget options: A Bit Spenny, In The Middle and Budget Babes.

Hopefully this no-nonsense guide will help when you want to refresh items your makeup bag.

If there is anything you would like to see included in the Wishlist series, just get it touch!


Concealer is one of my most requested recommendations

A touch of concealer can go a long way and comes in many different textures and finishes

You can use concealer to not only cover up blemishes and hide under-eye darkness but lighter shades can be used as a highlight and darker shades can be used to contour. Go for a sheer coverage if you plan to contour and highlight with your concealer as it can add layers of texture to the face and look too obvious and not at all natural.

Overall a touch of concealer in the right places can brighten your appearance and can be used over the whole face not just under the eye.

Opt for higher coverage yet moisturising lightweight cream or liquid formulas under the eye to achieve brightness and cover under eye darkness.

For blemishes choose fuller cover matte formulas so that you can conceal these areas with little amount of product and without drawing too much attention to that area.

Sheer concealers that give brightness but not much cover are good for adding subtle highlight and brightness to a dull complexion.

Don't over do it under the eye area no matter how tempting as this will add texture and may crease and settle in any fine lines.

If you have oily skin a touch of powder to set your concealer can be helpful or opt for a matte finish concealer that will set onto the skin.

Take time to get your concealer colour right, if too light it will only draw attention to the areas that you are trying to conceal, if too dark it will look unnatural and almost dirty on the skin!

You can apply concealer with your fingers - ring finger is best. You can also use a brush - depending on the texture of the concealer a small fluffy brush is great to really buff into the skin. A smaller one that will pack on colour is good for concealing spots and blemishes.

A sponge also works well to pack product on and buff at the same time.

Do you have a product that you would like to me to focus on for the wishlist series?

**I was not paid to recommend these products they are just things I use regularly and wanted to share**

**All PR products have been stated.

To purchase these products, click the links below. These are affiliate links which means that I will earn a small commission but it will not cost you anything extra.

I have scoured the internet to link you to sites that are the best price (at the time of posting)

Do get in touch and tag me in any posts, if you try these products and love them!

Elle x

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