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mother of the bride makeup

Who (after the bride) is the most important person at a wedding? I'll give you a clue... it’s not the groom!

All jokes aside it’s really important your mum looks and most importantly feels her best on your wedding day. It can be a really anxious day for your mum - and she is often the busiest person - multi-tasking and doing lots of rushing round, greeting guests, meeting florists, looking after grandchildren, making endless rounds of tea, giving out hugs and generally being ‘mum’ to all around her.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times a mum has said to me - oh don’t worry about me - I don’t wear much makeup anyway. NO WAY! I always talk mum into it - usually with help from the bride and the photographer - believe me a photographer knows the importance of good makeup!

And it makes such a difference! Not just to how she looks - which is always radiant and glowing but also how she feels.. the anxiety melts away a little after an hour in the chair and now she feels fresh and ready to greet guests.

The worry most mums have is that having wedding makeup will make them look silly, over the top, too heavy etc. In fact, just the opposite is true..

The main focus with mum is to make her look radiant and glowing and to have a light touch.

As I makeup artist who works with all ages, skin types and tones I know how to apply products that will reduce texture, soften lines, enhance eyes and lips without it being too obvious and in a way that will last. Even the addition of one or two individual eyelashes can make a huge difference!

Opt for a makeup artist who can show you examples of working with mature clients, some people have a ‘one look fits all’ approach and while that can work for a 20 something bridesmaid it’s going to leave your mum feeling too heavy.

I will never forget the really anxious mother of the bride who really didn’t want makeup - and her daughter insisted.. it was a bit awkward at first but i slowly calmed and reassured her, talking through each stage and showing her what I was using and explaining why it would be a good choice. By the time she looked in the mirror she was super excited to see the transformation. She cried (happy tears!!), I cried, the bride cried, the photographer cried! It was a lovely moment and reinforced the transformational power of makeup.

If you would like your mum to have a trial before the wedding - she is most welcome. Just get in touch to book in. x

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