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In my search for a bridesmaid dress this year and therefore HOURS spent on Pinterest and wedding blogs I keep seeing one trend coming up, SLEEVES!

Designer: Mishi May

Photo: Magic Owen

Designer: Suzanne Neville

Photo: Helen Lisk

Designer: ASOS

Photo: Ems Freckles

Makeup: Elle Hitchens

I am a fan of a sleeve, there is something reassuring about sleeves a bit like a pocket, they just make you feel a bit more comfortable and relaxed - or is that just me?!

Floaty, puffy, tight, cuffed, big, diaphanous, lacy, tasseled, buttoned and bat-winged they now come in all shapes and sizes and quite frankly we are in the era of anything goes! If you like a sleeve, chances are there is a dress out th

ere with a sleeve of your choice and if not, many dressmakers will often add them for you.

A few designers to check out for gorgeous sleeved creations are Hermione De Paula, Needle & Thread and Bhldn.

Check out my Pinterest board for a dreamy collection of wedding dresses with sleeves.

Designer: Mishi May

Photo: Siobhan Beales

Makeup: Elle Hitchens

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